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"Santa Fe Railway - Missouri Division"

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Dedicated to all the hard working men and women of the former Missouri Division. This division ran between Ft Madison, Iowa and Sheffield, Mo. Trains were then operated VIA Kansas City Terminal Railway to Argentine Yard. This is still the route today although it is now known as the Marceline Subdivision of the Chicago Division. Division points were Ft Madison and Marceline. During the lifespan of the Missouri Division Dispatchers, Superintendents Offices and many more crafts were located at both points. The only Branch Line along this route was located at Henrietta, Mo. and known as the St. Joseph Branch. For more information click on the links below to read a more precise history of the division itself.

 To check out a complete list of pictures taken by famed photographer Jack Delano just click on the link and search the database. There are literally thousands of pictures located in the "Library of Congress" to which you will witness if you check it out. Most if not all pictures are dated around 1940. If you have the patience just keep going and going and going!!!

Library of Congress

This site is continually under construction as I find older pictures of this Division.

Also, visit my webpage of the Modern Day BNSF Marceline Subdivision.

Anyone that has additional pictures they would like to share please send via email to: Sam Bailey


"Raymond F. Walton"

My best friend and teacher.


"Click Here"

For a short History of The Santa Fe Railway, Illinois and Missouri Divisions.

"Click Here"

For Survey of Line Kansas City to Chicago in 1886.


GIFs by Dan's Depot


Photo's of Badges used by Conductor's and Brakemen

  Badges owned by Paul Temborius

 Old Photos of Crew Members


Harold Kienast Engineer - Tommy Bendure Fireman - WE Saunders Brakeman [Courtesy JW Saunders]


George, Evan, Wesley and Loren Burch around 1940


Conductor: CL Bragging, Brakeman: JD Glover, Engineer: PE Fisher, Fireman: L Boeding, Diesel Supervisor: P Vaughn, RFE: LS Lawrence [Courtesy JW Saunders]

 Waycar 999099

Conductor: Rolly Still, Brakeman: WE Saunders [April 1967] [Courtesy JW Saunders]

 Francis J Granstaff [circa 1940] #1 on Brakemen's Seniority Roster listed on this website.

 G.H. Clark [circa 1940] #47 on Brakemen's Seniority Roster listed on this website.


Taken at Marceline Depot February 1978.

L/R ME Kelley, Kenny VanWye, Russel Vandyke, Raymond Walton, Bob Bloomer RFE.

 Road Fireman, Yard Engineer & Yard Fireman Seniority Roster

1911 to 1959

[Engineer's Seniority Roster not posted account fireman's roster more complete.]

 Road Fireman 1

Road Fireman 2

Road Fireman 3

Road Fireman 4

Road Fireman 5

Switch Engr & Fireman

 Brakeman's Seniority Roster

1909 to 1963


Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

 Old Photo's of Marceline Missouri

 Marceline, Mo. 1939

Marceline, Mo. 1999

 60 Year Timespan

 Old MQ1 [Bill Toops]

Old MQ2 [Joe Sturgiss]

 Picture Postcard's of Original Marceline Station around turn of century

 Roundhouse Postcard

Actual Roundhouse

Roundhouse 1940

Picture Postcard of New Roundhouse & actual photo courtesy Bill Toops

Departing 11 track WB

 Eastward View

 Eastward view of Old Station around turn of century

 Reading Room

 Santa Fe Reading Room

 Rare photograph of Marceline circa 1915

Photo furnished by: Jeff Berhmann

 Picture's taken in 1938 - 1940

 [Photo's from Bob Bailey Collection.]

 Westbound Passenger train arriving Marceline Station

Eastbound view at Baring, Mo.

Steam Engine at Cardy

Switch engine working Marceline

 Milepost 336 - Westbound approaching Hart, Mo.

 Missouri River Bridge


Missouri River Bridge circa 1900 (picture courtesy Bill Toops)


Missouri River Bridge circa 1915

 Sibley 1940

 Westbound crossing bridge

 Stations, Buildings & Structures

Mississippi River Bridge

 Old Depot

Reading Room

Reading Room

Early Photo around turn of Century

Former Santa Fe Depot @ Ft Madison.

Santa Fe Reading Room @ Ft Madison.

Reading Room circa 1940 Ft Madison



 Photo of Depot from Bob Bailey Collection.

Baring, Mo. Depot  

Baring, Missouri

Taking on Coal

Coal Chute 1940

Baring Reservoir & Coal Chute on Single Track 1908

Looking Westward (circa 1900)

Baring Depot 1940

Westbound taking Coal

Same Westbound leaving Baring

Photo Furnished by Jeff Berhmann

 Kenwood, Mo.

 Photo provided by Jeff Berhmann

 Hurdland, Mo.

 Photo provided by Mrs. Verna Marie Hamlin of Hurdland

 Gibbs - Gibbs2

  Photo's of Depot's from Bob Bailey Collection.



Laplata Depot 1910


LaPlata 1962

 Picture taken by Sam Bailey Feb. 26, 2001

Second LaPlata Depot (Circa 1910)

Third picture of La Plata with Santa Fe Passenger coming into town. Notice the Water Tank behind depot that has long been removed.


 Photo from Bob Bailey Collection.


 Photo from Bob Bailey Collection.


 Photo from Bob Bailey Collection.

 Hart Depot 1911

Hart Depot

Boxcar Type Depot

Standard Style Depot

 Bucklin Depot

Bucklin Depot 2

Bucklin Westbound


Bucklin CB&Q

Bucklin CB&Q

Santa Fe Depot [Partial view]

Santa Fe Depot [good view]

Westbound 1889


1930's appearance

CB&Q Depot (Steam Era)

DS1 -- DS2


MQ Switch Shanty

View of Yard Westbound

Marceline Yards

Marceline Yards 1940

Dispatchers Office 1940

Marceline 1950's

Switchmen's Shanty 1940

Marceline Yard 1940

Westward toward Coal Chute 1940

Departing #11 Track for KC. Take note of Roundhouse in this picture.


Photo provided by JW Saunders


  Photo from Bob Bailey Collection.


 Bosworth Depot 1960's

 MP 387

 Carrolton, Mo.

 Tower WB Jct.

 Known as Carrolton Jct. 1940


  Photo from Bob Bailey Collection.

 Hardin 1 - 2 - 3

 Trainside Photo of Depot from Bob Bailey Collection.


Henrietta 1940

Picture taken by Sam Bailey January 2001

Eastward View with Water Tank


 Old store at Camden, Mo.

 MP 419

Wabash Overpass

 Floyd, Mo.

 Depot and Potato House 1940

 Sibley Bridge

 View of Gauntlet Rail & Guard Shanty


 Boxcar type building

 Sugarcrk - - Sugar Creek2

Remodeled Structure and Westside of Original Structure.

 Rock Creek Tower

 Rock Creek Twr 1940 from Highline Track.

Sheffield Tower  

Sheffield Tower

Picture taken in 1940

Picture taken in 1999 by Sam Bailey

 EE Union Station

Tower at East End of Union Station

 Forgotten Water Tanks



 Baring, Mo

 Two Tanks located across from depot next to Reservoir.

 La Plata, Mo.

Located west of depot. No information as to when tanks were removed.

 Henrietta, Mo 2002

Henrietta, Mo 1940

 Two Tanks located west of Depot. Originally located across from Depot.

These Tanks were demolished in October 2002.

 Coaling Facilities

 Fort Madison Coal Chute [Era 1936 or 1940]

 Coal Chute @ Baring, Mo. during demolition in 1952 [18 photos]

Coal Chute @ Baring, Mo. 1909 (Wooden Structure)

 Coal Chute @ Baring, Mo. 1944  

Coal Chute @ Marceline, Mo. Westward View [year 2001]

Coal Chute @ Marceline, Mo. Eastward View [year 2001] 

 St. Joseph Branch

 Rotary Snow Plow on Branch a few years before line was closed.

 Plattsburg, Mo. depot in year 2001.

 Warbonnet's & Steam Engines



 Ay Tower

 AY Tower, KC Kansas

 ¨4³co crossing

 Frisco Crossing, KCT

 Train #2

Baring, Mo. October 1966 

 ATSF 4106

 Carrolton, Mo. c.1933



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