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"Hot Spots"

Marceline Subdivision

Marceline Subdivision was formerly known as Santa Fe Third and Fourth Districts. Marceline Subdivision is located along BNSF's Transcon and traffic along this line is largely Intermodal Trains. But, a rather large number of Manifest and Automobile Trains are among trains to be counted during a 24 hour period. Crews are located for Intermodal trains at Kansas City, KS and Ft. Madison, Iowa. Manifest, Automobile and some Doublestack Trains are crewed from Kansas City, KS and Galesburg, Ill.




 Santa Fe 880  West Ft. Madison, Iowa.
 Santa Fe Caboose 999772  Ft. Madison, IA.
 BNSF 4255  Ft. Madison, IA.
 BNSF 4541  LaPlata, Mo.
 BNSF 4603  Eastbound @ Ethel, Mo.
 Grand River  Eastbound at Milepost 370
  Industry locomotive  Norborne, Mo.
 Santa Fe 8246 - waiting  East Sibley
 UP/BNSF  Eton, Jct.
 UP/SP  Eastbound @ Sugar Creek, Mo.
 BNSF 5432  Westbound @ Sugar Creek, Mo.
 Eastbound  Climbing grade of the KCTerminal
 BNSF 5468  East Departing Argentine, KS.
 Diesel Shops  Argentine DSF Area
 Mendon, Mo  Westbound Cab View
 Baring, Mo  Eastbound Cab View
 Hittin' the xing @ 65 MPH Sugar Creek, Mo. [W/Bound]
 CP3103 Control Signal east of LaPlata
 West Sibley View of Signal at West Sibley